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Hope at Hand is a recognized service provider specializing in struggling youth populations. Blending poetry with art and wellness strategies creates a safe environment for participants to realize their own abilities, cope with their extraordinary stresses of life and become better able to contribute to their communities. We facilitate hope.

Since 2009, Hope at Hand has developed from a small grassroots nonprofit to one that now provides services to a wide range of populations and community organizations. Hope at Hand staff members have specialized training in education, meditation, poetry therapy and counseling. Our reputation as a direct service provider is reliable and the demand for services is increasing.


Steffani Fletcher.png

Steffani Fletcher
Founder & Executive Director

From Jacksonville, FL

Family, friends, travel and downtime brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Sink or swim? I grew fins.

Message to my younger self: Follow your heart and avoid toxic people. Move about the world with grace and courtesy, after 40 it's smooth sailing.

BA, Elementary Education;

MA, Educational Leadership;

American Montessori Society;

International Federation of Biblio/Poetry Therapy

Untitled design.png

Jamie Rosseland
Assistant Executive Director

From: Jacksonville, FL

Nature, art, friends, and family brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Forget fear - Live always in Abundance

Message to my younger self: Always be kinder to yourself. 

 BS, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Suni 2022_edited.jpg

From: Washington, DC

Music and mentoring bring me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Now I see why I stayed.

Message to my younger self: No, it isn’t fair. But, oh, my darling… how you bloom. Learning to trust yourself will be one of the most impactful lessons you will be blessed to carry with you all of your days. Never forget to nurture yourself in all ways, always.

AA, General Education

Suni Storm
Poetry Facilitator


Gloria Truesdale
Program Support

From: Wesley Chapel, North Carolina

Helping others, crafting, making jewelry & spending quality time with family and friends brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Work Hard - Survive.  Dream Big - Thrive.

Message to my younger self: Remember during the tough times, "the race is not always won to the swiftest (or the most cutest), but to the one who endures to the end."  So just hang in there for this too shall pass.

Studied Commercial Arts; AA, Education; Certificate Computer Programming



Brooks Decker
Curriculum Coordinator

From: Atlanta, GA

Giving brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Everyone has a story, listen intently

Message to my younger self: Get out of your head. There is so much light at the end of the tunnel. 

BA, Sociology;

Student: MA, Counseling Psychology


From: Atlantic Beach, FL

Art brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Growing pains, me and you both

Message to my younger self: This too will pass. But in the meantime, feel your feelings- they’re not your enemy.

Student: BA, Fine Arts/Graphic Design

Emma Cooper
Creative Coordinator

Sue Kornhauser.png

Sue Kornhauser
Administrative Assistant

From: Boston, MA

My family brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Reach others and make a difference

Message to my younger self: Live with more curiosity, love without judgment, and never stop looking for opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

A.R.R.T (Radiologic Technology);

A.R.D.M.S (Ultrasound Tech)


Julie Michael

From: Southern Chester County, PA

Loving and being loved brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Living Actively, Marching to My Drumbeat

Message to my younger self: Be true to yourself. Choose to be happy. Embrace challenges. Keep moving forward. 


Certifications in older adult and maternal fitness

thumbnail_2021 sidnie.jpeg

Sidnie Anthony
Project Assistant

From: Ponte Vedra, FL

Family, friends, and music brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Always help others when you can.

Message to my younger self: Don't take things too seriously, everyone is beautiful in their own wonderful way. If you love yourself as much as you love others you will be able to experience the joys life has to offer to the fullest.


taryn 2021.jpg

Taryn Wharwood
Poetry Facilitator

From: Miami, FL

Helping others, creating and meeting new people brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Life: All you need is love. 

Message to my younger self: It's never too late to be what you might have been. 

Student: BA, English and Creative Writing 



Jamie Gustason
Poetry Facilitator

From: Naples, FL

Learning new things brings me great joy.

6 Word Memoir: Change your perception, change your reality.

Message to my younger self: There is so much more to be revealed. Be patient, stay curious, and never forget that your voice is the greatest power you have.

BS, Elementary Education;

MS, Curriculum and Instruction;

MeD, Instructional Design;

Student: EdD, Curriculum and Instruction

2019 erin.jpg

Erin Pruett, LMHC
Poetry Facilitator

From: Jacksonville, FL

Nature brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Others matter and you matter too.

Message to my younger self: You are navigating hard things and although you may not feel like it you are so brave and so strong. Keep being you and remember to dream big and be free. 


BS, Psychology;

MA, Professional Counseling;

thumbnail_2021 felton.jpeg

Felton Stergis
Poetry Facilitator

From: Jacksonville, FL

Writing brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: My heart was made to amplify...

Message to my younger self: Always believe you have a purpose in life. No obstacle can stand in your path as long as you focus and continue to push forward.

BS, Business Administration;

Student: BS, Media and Communication



Sarah Niss
Poetry Facilitator

From: Rye, NY

Friends, family, and the outdoors brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Always look forward to new adventures

Message to my younger self: Dream even bigger.

BA, Political Science;

K-6 Certified Teacher


From: Farmington, Michigan

Reading brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Love and happiness. Smile with greatness

Message to my younger self: Live, laugh, and love while you can

BA, Early Childhood Education


Tina Floyd
Poetry Facilitator

kathy 2021.jpg

Kathy Welsh
Poetry Facilitator

From: Kettering, OH

Music brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: I choose to live life happy

Message to my younger self: Choose to be happy. Eat less, move more, laugh triple, love without measure. Be nice to yourself, especially your thoughts to yourself in your head.

BS, Public Relations;

Certification in Exceptionnal Student Education


thumbnail_2021 kimberly.jpeg

Kimberly Stergis
Poetry Facilitator

From: Jacksonville, FL

My garden, a cup of good coffee, and cooking for loved ones brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Even the strongest can need help

Message to my younger self: Don't worry if people "get" you

BA, Business Management and Spanish


Stephanie (Ma Bones) 2022 (1)_edited.jpg

Stephanie Brendle
Poetry Facilitator

From Jacksonville, FL

Writing brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Regardless of yesterday, today I'm here.

Message to my younger self: Thank you for hanging in there, you did good.

BA, English and Criminal Justice

Leslie 2022_edited.jpg

Leslie Wilkinson
Poetry Facilitator

From: Elmira, NY

Words brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Time is limited, love is not.

Message to my younger self: Nothing lasts forever.

 BA, BA Criminal Justice Management

ruth 2021.jpg

Ruth VanAlstine
North Florida Poetry Hub

From: Jacksonville, FL

Family, creating, and serving brings me great joy

6 Word Memoir: Live creatively, thrive in abundant joy

Message to my younger self: Follow your passion and joy. Just be happier, don't worry about... life. Savor each moment like it was your last. Don't waste time on things that don't matter. When life gets you down, remember this too shall pass. 

AA, Secretarial Sciences

A very special thank you to
Hannah Joy Photography

for volunteering her time and talent photographing our staff year after year.


board Stephanie Stevens.jpg

Stephanie Stephens
Board Chair
Senior Director of Professional Development Services at AIM Institute for Learning & Research

boad judy poole.jpg

Judy Covington-Poole
Board Vice Chair

IT Manager
CSX, Transportation


Jeff Blount
Board Treasurer
Landsouth Construction
Divison Manager, Senior Living


Keitha Nelson

First Coast News

Board Dr. Nile Stanley.jpg

Dr Nile Stanley
Associate Professor of Childhood Education
University of North Florida

board cynthia Baines.jpg

Cynthia Baines
Vice President
Fidelity National Financial

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