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Photo credit: Julia M Cameron. Licensed under Creative Commons.

I run out of real reasons

And places to hide

My heart began aching

There was no one at my side

I whisper

Please help me

I can't go on

I am taking my life back

and setting it free

teenage girl in recovery

If I could be free

that's all it would take.

I'd roam this Earth

to clear all of my mistakes.

If I could be free,

I'd flow like the wind.

I'd set sail on the water,

go to sleep, wake up

and start over again.

If I could be free

I'd never leave home.

But I do realize

at this point

the word free is unknown.

Incarcerated teenage girl

my daddy is locked up

and my momma is gone

the only thing that

keeps me rooted

is showing the world

that I am not useless

Teenage boy in recovery

If I could do anything in the world

for my mom,

I would…

take away her pain

and buy her roses.

teenage boy with
down syndrome


from the bottom of the sea.


living in filth something like seaweed.

I thought,

who’s brighter than me?

The high tides

flowing with the breeze.

No longer stuck

I’m floating on the top.

Sun beaming,

I’m growing,

and I will not stop.

teenage girl attending an alternative high school

Yesterday is the… end of the beginning.

Tomorrow is the…beginning of the end.

Yesterday is the…dark night glistening

              in an angelic




Tomorrow is the…luminance of the awakenings,

              morning deserts.

Yesterday is …apocalyptic times

              of death

              as dark shadowy beings

              begin to crawl

              deeper into my dreams.

Tomorrow is the…thin ray of light


              creeping through the hold,

              brick walls

              coming to spread justice.

Teenage boy

Imagination is a beautiful thing

It is the decision

To stand out from the crowd

To dip out of a busy life

It is your own private world

A sanctuary garden

To paint a canvas

With your own hand

To relax your brain from overtime

Give your soul a rest

teenage girl in recovery

Overcoming obstacles



I don’t know who is going to win

Reach out


Fake it until you make it

Think positive thoughts

Dress well, look nice

Appreciate differences

collaborative poem by teenage girls attending an alternative high school

With amazing integrity and strength

you can start a new story. 

When you have found time to do this

you can truly start to enjoy life again

teenage Boy in recovery
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